2016 - Skydive vacation in Panama

Mar. 20th-26th, 2016. Skydive vacation in Panama.

This will be a really fun event limited to a cool invitational group of just 18. This is going to be a very high-end luxury vacation in Panama with our skydiving friends! We’ll be staying at a top notch resort each night. We’ll skydive for the first four days, then vacation at the same resort on the fifth day, and continue a vacation in Panama City on the sixth day. On the four jumping days, we’ll do 5 jumps/day with the last jump of every day landing on the beach right in front of our resort hotel! We’ll have command of the aircraft schedule so we will have attractive start times and finish times each day, so we’ll still have plenty of vaca time!

-Significant others are invited and encouraged to come, at no add’l cost! See the detail list below of vacation stuff to do in the area of the DZ and our lodging Resort.

Dates: 3/19/16 to 3/26/16. This is Sat-Sat with the first and last day being a full travel day to find flights that work for you. See the detail schedule below.

Scope: 18-ways with video from 14.5k’ AGL out of a Caravan. Packers and rigger on site for us at the DZ.

Lodging: JW Marriott Panama Golf & Beach Resort for 3/19 to 3/25. Sortis Hotel, Spa, and Casino for 3/25 to 3/26.

Cost: $2,777
Includes: All lodging with breakfast at the hotels, 20 jumps, full video and pictures, athletic style T-shirt, all transportation, and a city bus tour in Panama.

Dive plan: I will organize the dives to be challenging and fun, but also leave enough time to take in all the amazing sights after completions of the final points!

If you know of anyone else I should invite please let me know.
Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions.

Detail Schedule:
>Sat-3/19 will be a travel day to arrive at any time in Panama City, we will then be transported in the evening to the hotel resort/ DZ area
>Sun-3/20 to Wed-3/23 will be four days of jumping on our own schedule
>Thurs-3/24 will be a full vacation day in the area or alt weather jump day if needed. Friday morning we will be transported back to Panama City
>Fri-3/25 will be a full vacation day in Panama City. We’ll stay at a 5-star hotel in Panama City on Friday night.
>Sat-3/26 will be a travel day back home with shuttle from the Panama City hotel to the Panama City airport for your flight

Stuff to do the at JW Marriott Resort:
Beach (duh), resort spa, swimming, jet ski, fishing, river rafting, mountain water boat tours, horseback riding/ tours on the beach, 4 wheeling, mountain hiking, GO LF, and probably some other great activities organized easily through the resort hotel.